Skytron Infinity IF30 Single Surgical Light System



Product Description

Skytron Infinity IF30 Single Surgical Light System


Compatible Parts:

  • Skytron Infinity IF30 Light Head – LH01SY1230
  • Skytron Infinity Lens Assembly – LHP1SY1046
  • Skytron Infinity / Stellar Ceiling Cover – SLP1SY1031
  • Skytron Infinity Dual Wall Control Assembly – SLP1SY1005
  • Skytron Infinity Light Handle – LHP1SY1050
  • Skytron Infinity / Stellar Impact Protection Cap – SLP1SY1030
  • Skytron Infinity / Stellar Brake Screw, M12x1x16 (30L) – SLP1SY1019
  • Skytron Argos / Astro / Infinity / Nova / Stellar Bulb, OEM – LHP1SY1028
  • Skytron Argos / Astro / Infinity / Nova / Stellar Bulb, Non-OEM – LHP1SY1029


The Skytron® Infinity® Surgical Light is a powerful light suitable for general procedures, both in a hospital or small operating room setting. The light provides high-quality shadow control and
superior focusing capabilities with both a sterile central handle control and non-sterile side controls. The glare-reducing soft white light is ideal for clarity and a pristine viewing field, crucial to a successful procedure.

• Electrical: 120v, 60 Hz, 1 phase
• Power consumption: 570 to 600 watts (1,950 to 2,448BTU/hr)
• Amperage: Approximately 5.0 amps, fuse protected
• Color temperature: 4,000°K
• Beam temperature: Less than 25,000 microwatts per square centimeter as recommended by the I.E.S.handbook
• Bulb type: Halogen 24v/50w (operates at 18.5 to 20v)
• Weight: 260 lbs
• Moment load: 640 ft-lbs
• Ceiling height: Min 9’4″, Max 10’3.5″
• 22″ in diameter
• Multi-lamp optics with True Focus Capability™ for greater working distances
• Glare reducing soft white light
• Self-contained wall-mounted intensity controller
• Depth of Field: 20″.
• Sterilizable handles are optional
• Center Mounted Suspension System
• True Focus Capability For Greater Working Distances
• Variable Intensity Controller

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