Large Display


Upgrade to a larger monitor while keeping your existing equipment!

Repurpose Multi-bank monitor


OR video integration technology is ever-improving. Many hospitals are replacing small multi-bank monitors and upgrading to one large display. Maxim Medical Services can convert your multibank monitor system into one large monitor.  We do this by repurposes existing infrastructure, instead of replacing suspensions, booms, and structures. 

Teletom Boom Mount


Adding a monitor to your OR can be a big expense and take a lot of work. Maxim Medical Services can save you money by repurposing part of your Berchtold Teletom boom by adding a monitor. Our custom made monitor mounts allow you to add a monitor while keeping your existing equipment management systems.

Drop Tube Clamp


Maxim Medical Services offers a cost effective way to add a monitor to your OR by repurposing part of your surgical boom. We offer clamps that can be added to the service head drop tube of any booms you may have. This mount saves you from adding costly new equipment that is needed beyond just the monitor.