Berchtold Operon B810 Operating Table


Product Description

Berchtold Operon B810 Operating Table


Compatible Parts:

  • Berchtold Operon B810 Left Power Center Assembly – TBP1BT4364
  • Berchtold Operon B810 Primary Hand Pendant – TBP1BT6649
  • Berchtold Operon B810 Primary Hand Pendant Wire Harness – TBP1BT6542
  • Berchtold Operon B810 Floor Lock Cylinder – TBP1BT7199
  • Berchtold Operon B810 Bracket Weldment – TBP1BT7011
  • Berchtold Operon B810 Power Supply – TBP1BT6464


Designed for use in surgical suites where control and patient positioning are critical, BERCHTOLD’s OPERON® B-810 is a feature-rich, remote-control table that enhances patient positioning and
provides complete support throughout its entire range of motion. A small footprint allows better patient and equipment access while the OPERON B 810’s carbon fiber, sliding tabletop, and integrated x-ray cassette channel offer optimal imaging access and clarity. With a complete line of available accessories, the OPERON B 810 is capable of accommodating virtually any surgical procedure.

OPERON B 810 offers excellent procedural and patient access, clinician safety, and positive patient outcomes.

Our 21″ by 76″ tabletop offers greater IA coverage with better support and positioning for larger patients and is complemented by a generous 28″–48″ vertical articulation range providing excellent surgical access during all types of procedures. A Detachable Leg Section provides better surgical site exposure, especially for arthroscopic and lithotomy positioning. Two features offer greater access in the lateral position: the Power Kidney Elevator which adds lift and Power Flex which, with one touch, puts the table into a 225° full flex position.

With a 600 lb. weight capacity providing full lift and articulation for patients in normal and reverse orientation, the OPERON B-810 offers the surgical team complete control with stable, self-compensating floor locks, a simple and reliable backlit hand pendant for remote positioning, and a manual backup system which provides service in manual mode if the main hand pendant is inoperable.

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