Acrobat 2000 Locking Segment



Product Description

Replacement Locking Segment for Acrobat 2000 (AC2000) Spring Arms

SAP1ND2224 1912224

Compatible With:

  • Maquet / ALM X’Ten Single Surgical Light System – SL08ALX101
  • Maquet / ALM X’Ten Single Camera Ready Surgical Light System – SL08ALX101-CR
  • Maquet / ALM X’Ten Dual Classic / Camera Ready Surgical Light System – SL08ALX102
  • Acrobat 2000 Spring Arm, 1.5-3.5 kg – SA01ND4690
  • Acrobat 2000 Spring Arm, 3.5-7 kg – SA01ND0752
  • Acrobat 2000 Spring Arm, 7-12 kg – SA01ND4856
  • Acrobat 2000 Spring Arm, 9-15 kg – SA01ND6764
  • Acrobat 2000 Spring Arm, 9-15 kg – SA01ND8326
  • Acrobat 2000 Spring Arm, 12-18 kg – SA01ND2558
  • Acrobat 2000 Spring Arm, 13.5-21 kg – SA01ND7305
  • Stryker Visum 450 / Visum 600 Flat Panel Spring Arm – SA01SK0034



  • Designed for loads up to 21 kg
  • Three-, five-, seven-, or nine-pole plug-and-socket connection
  • 330-degree swivel angle of support arms with anti-twist safeguard due to interior supply lines


Advantages of ACROBAT 2000:

  • Three-, five-, seven- or nine-pole plug-and-socket connections provide for the smooth rotation of all attached equipment without any stops while supplying power and transmitting signals.
  • Equipped with a precision parallel guide as a standard feature to ensure the uniform alignment of terminal equipment.
  • Variable height adjustment options of the limit stop prevent the system from bumping against the ceiling.
  • Available with customer-specific colors and designs.
  • ACROBAT LCH (Low Ceiling Height) can be configured for rooms with low ceilings as a special solution; however, it is not equipped with a parallel guide

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