Skytron Aurora LED 5 Light Head



Product Description

Skytron Aurora LED 5 Light Head


Compatible Parts:

  • Skytron Aurora LED 5 Light Head Circuit Board – LHP1SY1020
  • Skytron Aurora LED 5 Light Head Back Cover – LHP1SY1047
  • Skytron Aurora LED 5 Spring Arm – SA01SY1012
  • Skytron Infinity / Stellar / Aurora LED / Millennium Gold / Nautilus Sterilizable Handle – LHP1SY1082


Skytron’s Aurora LED surgical light system is equipped with high-performance hybrid LED optics that provides surgeons with direct control of intensity and focus. They include the manual focus of high-intensity LEDs and a centrally positioned ring of fixed-focus LEDs, which can enhance intensity while minimizing eye fatigue. Color temperature is selectable for every procedure, including bright (4,500K) or soft white (4,000K). The system provides bright, cool, shadow-free illumination without heat or glare, even during extended surgical cases, allowing the entire surgical team to remain comfortable while under bright illumination.



  • Direct Surgeon Control of Intensity & Focus
  • Brighter Intensity, Deep View Illumination
  • Cool Beam Temperature, Less Heat
  • Shadow Free Optics
  • Ultra Energy Efficient, Ultra-Low Maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly LEDs
  • Precise. 360-Degree Positioning at All Points of Articulation, without Drift
  • Future Ready Architecture

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