For over 20 years, the team at Maxim Medical Services has defined excellence in how we provide service to our customers. We are available day or night to maintain your equipment so that your operation remains efficient and effective.

Rapid Response

Whether it is just a light that won’t stay put or a video signal that no longer routes correctly, our team of technicians are trained to diagnose and fix any issue that you may be having with your OR equipment. And we understand that every minute one of your ORs are down impacts patient care and service levels as well as meet your business objectives. Our strategically located field service technicians are able to respond at a moment’s notice to get your OR back in action fast.

Installation Support

Maxim Medical Services works closely with some of the biggest names in the surgical booms and surgical lighting industry. We have the expertise to install your new or used surgical equipment. Whether its a new or used Surgical light, equipment manager, or Audio/Video Router, we’ll do it right the first time and at a very competitive price.

Preventive Maintenance

We are the industry leader in preventative maintenance and full service contracts on your surgical lights, booms, and accessories as well. Maxim Medical Service contracts allow you to keep your capital equipment meeting the high standards needed in the OR. This not only provides you with reliability and constant care, but greater return on your investment over time.

Audio/Video Integration

In today’s OR, surgical Audio Video integration is a MUST! We install and service state of the art equipment for our partners in health care facilities throughout the country to ensure your OR’s stay on the cutting edge.

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With our large inventory of new and used hospital equipment, we can provide almost anything you’re looking for.

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We specialize in installing and servicing surgical lights, booms, and audio visual systems in healthcare facilities nationwide.

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