Service Contracts

It's hard to budget for equipment failure, and when it happens it puts a strain on your team. Let us help you limit these risks. Maxim Medical Services is the industry leader in preventative maintenance and full service contracts on surgical lights, surgical booms, surgical tables, audio/video systems and even accessories. Our Service contracts are designed to help you to keep your capital equipment meeting the high standards needed in the OR while not breaking your budget not only providing you with reliability and constant care, but a greater return on your investment over time.

All of our service contracts are customized to your unique situation and requirements. You pay only for what you need. Contact one of our Regional Sales Representatives today to discuss a plan that works best for you!

Our base plans:

  • Silver Service Package

    The Silver plan provides two (2) Periodic
    Maintenance (PM) visits per year per piece
    of covered equipment including labor and
    travel. We track and schedule maintenance
    to insure your equipment performs to peak
    efficiency and factory specifications. You
    will be provided electronic reports for
    your records. Any needed repair parts
    will be provided at a 20% discount.
    Additional required visits and travel,
    not included.
  • Gold Service Package

    The Gold plan provides
    unlimited, unscheduled service visits
    including parts, travel and labor for the term
    of the service agreement on all covered
    equipment. This plan provides continued
    factory warranty style coverage for all
    equipment selected including in-light
    cameras and room integration systems

Unlimited Unscheduled Maintenance Visits apply only to issues directly related to equipment explicitly included in the service contract. Additional charges shall apply if equipment outside of the scope of the agreement is worked on.
Costs for service contracts are calculated on a per-piece basis, and are dependent on factors including location, access, type of equipment, and availability of service parts. Speak with your representative for more information.