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Maxim Welcomes Louis Humphrey to Executive Team 7/1/2013

Maxim is excited about the addition of Louis Humphrey as Director of Operations to our Executive Team.  Louis began his Career in the medical industry with Wisap USA as a repair technician as was soon promoted to manage the technical repair department. After a merger of companies Louis joined Heraeus Lasersonics.  At Lasersonics Louis was added to the research and development team and was instrumental in the development of CO2 and Yag laser systems.  During this timeframe Louis received a patent for a Semi Automated Tissue Morcellation device for the removal of cancerous tissue in the Uterus.  As a part of Lasersonics, later to become Laserscope, Louis developed many components and applications of existing components for the surgical theater.  Lasersope divested the Boom and Light segment of their business which became Heraeus Medical.  At Heraeus Louis designed surgical suites and was responsible for operations and technical support.

In 2003 Louis joined Ondal Medical Systems Inc.  At Ondal Louis created and oversaw the implementation and development of all aspects of business, including customer service, manufacturing, quality, technical support, installation and logistics. During this time Louis held many titles including Director of Operations and Director of Sales Operations. 

Louis and his wife Brenda have two sons, Trés 21, a Junior at Norfolk State University, and Neil 18, a Senior at Thomas Dale High School in Virginia.

In joining Maxim Medical, Louis brings with him the following Vision/Goal:

To bring the mission statement and vision to life, and discover the plans the company abides by to reach these core values:

  • Accountability: is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies. It encompasses the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for the resulting consequences
  • Transparency:  implies openness, communication and accountability
  • Team:  a group of people linked in a common purpose with complementary skills, a commitment to shared goals and mutual interdependency and accountability

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