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Maxim Medical Expands Into New Facility 1/4/2010

In the 4th Quarter of 2009 Maxim Medical acquired a new facility that has plenty of room for the continued growth.  The new facility offers 57,000 sq ft of space, over 50,000 more than the previous facility.  In addition to the increase of space, the new facility has a better loading dock configuration, has better access for shipping/deliveries, and to local airport and highways, and has a showroom for product display.  Plans for the new facility include a state of the art technician training area, large surgical light display area, and improved light refurbishment work areas. Projections for the future not only encompass the new facility, but upwards of 50 new jobs over the next few years.
"Maxim is experiencing incredible growth and we're happy they have chosen to expand in northeast Indiana… It's always nice to announce new jobs, but it takes on special importance when jobs are created in a small community like Churubusco."  - Governor Mitch Daniels

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