Maxim Medical Services’ President and CEO, Phil Cowart, took his National Service Manager, Ron Lux, and team of technicians on an all-expense paid training/team building trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The team participated in a day of extensive Stryker and Sales training. The focus of the one-day training included: Stryker information, real life scenario role playing, sales strategies, and cross selling opportunities. Training was followed-up with teambuilding events consisting of a day of fishing on a 60-foot yacht and a day of Dune Buggy riding.

Most of Maxim’s technicians are spread throughout North America. This makes it incredibly difficult for Maxim team members to spend one on one time with each other. This amazing training and team building trip with their team members was extremely beneficial to their working relationships as well as Maxim Medical Services’ healthy moral.

Phil Cowart felt it of utmost importance to ensure Maxim Medical Services, is a company employees truly enjoy working for. In his own words, “The trip was truly needed and well deserved.”